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In order to promote the whole society to save energy, improve energy efficiency, protect and improve the environment and promote comprehensive, coordinated and sustainable economic and social development, our country revised in October 28, 2007 by "People's Republic of China energy conservation law. This Law Chapter fourth clearly stipulates: conservation of resources is China's basic national policy. The national implementation of conservation and development simultaneously, put the saving in the first place of the energy development strategy. At the same time of thirty-seventh in building energy saving in the use of air conditioning heating, refrigeration of public buildings, indoor temperature control system shall be implemented. Insulation materials should be used as energy-saving products indispensable in the field of building energy efficiency, to ensure the normal work of the HVAC system, improve energy efficiency, reduce energy consumption. To improve the quality of the indoor environment.

Please choose the best economic thickness

When the insulation material is selected, adiabatic effect depends on the thickness of the insulation layer (reasonable structural design, good construction quality, increasing the thickness of the insulation condition), can reduce energy loss and reduce energy consumption. In order to obtain the best economic results, recommendations for the selection of the optimum thickness of the economy.

Adapt to more extreme climate insulation requirements

The industrial energy consumption, pollution, global warming, climate is harsh and abnormal, such as hot cold phenomenon and so on. At the same time, Chinese vast north-south climate difference is very big, so in high temperature, high humidity area, selection of insulation material to prevent condensation is particularly important. The performance requirements of insulation materials in outstanding. Select the thickness of thermal insulating products, choose the suitable thickness to prevent the generation of condensation, better adapted to the climate and temperature changing environment.。

Special auxiliary professional installation

Design is the basic material, is the foundation of the construction is the key. If the stress or ignore the party, will lead to insulation failure, engineering damage. During the construction stage, recommended to choose special auxiliary material and installation guide, to ensure the product efficiency and excellent performance play, ensure the HVAC system gas tightness.