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OMEFLEX rubber foam insulation materials are widely used in air-conditioning, construction, industrial, vehicles, etc. all kinds of hot and cold piping, equipment, machinery. Meanwhile, they are also used in various types of insulation surface, such as storage devices、 irregular duct, gas pipelines and large metal pipes . In view of OMEFLEX rubber foam itself can be used for wall insulation, duct acoustic and acoustic entertainment decorations, and the impacting and decompressing of the equipment.

OMEFLEX heat-insulation glass wool is mainly used for steel structure,wall insulation and pipe insulation,and central air-condition duct,interior partition and train cars acoustic insulation.It has good performances such as heat insulation,sound absorption and noise reduction.Meanwhile,the product has the light texture,corrosion-resistance,non-combustion and other futures.It is the new green energy-saving product and has been widely used in the market.