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Supporting Products

Mainly used in the joints or shapes of complex parts of the insulation.
Boards, pipes glued seams with cloth-based adhesive tape can play a protective and aesthetic role.

Oak accessories products
OMEFLEX adhesive tape
Specifications (length × width × thickness) Specification(length×width×thickness)
10000mm×50 mm×3mm 10000mm×50 mm×3mm
OMEFLEX Burkina special tape
Specifications (length × width × thickness) Specification(length×width)
25000mm×28 mm 40 Volume/box 25000mm×28 mm 40  rolls/box
25000mm×35 mm 32 Volume/box 25000mm×35 mm 32  rolls/box
25000mm×48 mm 24 Volume/box 25000mm×48 mm 24  rolls/box