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Hebei OMEFLEX Thermal Insulation Material Co.,Ltd. in Dacheng County Hebei Province—the famous hometown of thermal insulation material. The company mainly manufactures energy-saving insulation materials, including rubber foam insulation materials、glass wool products and related accessory products. The company is a professional manufacturer of the insulation materials based on its wealthy research experience and mature skill in view of the production of energy-saving insulation materials.

The company established a sound quality assurance system on the basis of the development purpose of the technology-led innovation and quality policy of adhering to "meet customer demand-oriented, with excellent quality of the work to provide customers with the perfect product". Adhering to the "people-oriented, green environment, excellent quality and first class service" as business philosophy, the company won the long-term cooperation and common development with customers. Its sales network has spread all over the country. The company staff cooperate with new and old customers sincerely and win mutual benefits each other. Together all employees strive to revitalize national industry.

OMEFLEX rubber foam insulation materials are widely used in all kinds of hot and cold piping, equipment, machinery for air-conditioning, construction, industry, vehicles, etc. Meanwhile, they are also used in various types of insulation surface, such as storage devices,irregular duct, gas pipelines and large metal pipes . In view of OMEFLEX rubber foam itself can be used for wall insulation, duct acoustic and acoustic entertainment decorations, and the impacting and decompressing of the equipment.

OMEFLEX insulation materials are made by uniformly foaming and unique formulation processing,which makes the thermal conductivity decrease as the density of material is low. Rubber foam insulation materials have achieved thermal insulation capacity, primarily relying on its large number of bubbles with closed structures gas. The moderate density and uniform and stable foam structure make the thermal conductivity be up to or better than 0.034 at 0 ℃.

The combustion properties of OMEFLEX insulation materials has reached to GB 8624-1997 B1 class,GB 8624-2012 C class. The material itself contains a lot of fire-retardant materials and has good fire resistance, which of the oxygen index is more than 32%.