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■ The basic law - insulation thickness selection
1, the greater the relative temperature of the environment, the thicker the cooling layer.
2, the lower the temperature of the media, the thicker the cooling layer.
3, the higher the environmental humidity, the thicker the cooling layer.
4, the larger the diameter of the pipe, the thicker the cold insulation layer.
5, The smaller the moisture resistance factor is, the thinner the cooling layer is.
6, the greater the moisture resistance factor of the cold storage material, the thinner the cooling layer.
7, The larger the surface coefficient of the cooling material is, the thinner the cooling layer is.》

■ The typical use of
1, central air-conditioning chilled water supply system T=7℃
2, central air-conditioning chilled water return system T=12℃
3, central air-conditioning condensate system T=18℃
4, central air conditioning system T=14℃
5, the central air conditioning refrigeration medium cooling system
6, cold storage refrigeration system T=0 C - 40℃

■ send duct insulation anti condensation thickness valueCentral
air conditioning system is divided into fresh air, exhaust air and return air, the need to do the insulation layer only refers to the air supply pipe and return pipe.Central air-conditioning air supply and return medium temperature is generally not higher than 14 DEG C, its value is lower than the dew point temperature of air conditioning, in order to prevent condensation,The cold air layer must be laid on the duct. Hengxiang phaunos plate is the central air supply and return air pipe for cooling the most appropriate materials.

Calculation formulaVolume

calculation of materialsPlate: V = L W x delta m3 xL - length (m) W - width (m)

Delta thickness (m)Tubing: V = (D + delta) x delta x 3.142 x L m3

D - heat preservation pipe inner diameter (m) - heat preservation pipe wall thickness (m) L - insulation pipe length (m)