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Service system

Innovative service model of adiabatic industry.
Monitor site construction and exchange feedback quickly. In the first time to provide customers with a complete solution. Domestic first operation model engineering site monitoring and control of the whole process to eliminate counterfeit goods.

Service process

Full service support - 3 x 3 service system.
Pre-sales service: product description thickness selection design scheme.
Sales service: logistics support installation guidance project difficult.
After-sales service: project feedback engineering to maintain customer complaints.
Pre-sale service/let you know the comprehensive information about the insulation materials.

Similar product information

We pay attention to the brand, quality and price of similar products in hvac industries. We will bring you a lot of latest news.
The design of rubber and plastic insulation, as a professional manufacturer of rubber and plastic insulation materials, can make specific technical consultation for your actual situation. For example, the selection of thermal insulation materials and the recommendation and cost, the calculation recommendation of adiabatic thickness, the estimation of the dosage, the recommendation of the installation method, the application of tools and auxiliary materials, etc.. The best combination of the effects of economy and use. Product manufacturing process demonstration and sample project inspection.
Welcome to the production base to observe the process of production process, at the same time, we can use the engineering site inspection, so that you can have the most intuitive understanding of the use efficacy and installation. In the sale of the service/let you use high - quality insulation materials.

Sample room production

Professional installation engineer to the project site production and installation sample room, to give you the most intuitive overall effect. Whether you choose our products or not, we can provide this service for you. Convenient and fast delivery service.
Fast response order system and distribution network in cities across the country, deliver products to the site in the fastest time to ensure the delivery requirements and project progress. Free installation guide and installation construction.
Professional engineers and technical personnel to the site for installation guidance, to the site installation of difficult problems, quick response, proposed economic and reasonable solutions. The professional installation team will save you from the trouble on site management. After-sales service/elimination of your worries.

Regularly visit

After sales service personnel throughout the country, we will respond to the problems on a quarterly basis, and we will give you the first time to reply and solve the problems, so as to ensure the best effect of our products in you.

Detailed customer network

The customer service center has established detailed customer records management, and has been tracking the product usage every year. In order to ensure the operation of the product.

Complaint handling

Customer service center adhering to the "time limit control, rapid response" job requirements, in the logistics transportation, installation and use effect, and the application of auxiliary material problems appeared in the whole process chain, complaints to the rapid acceptance, make a question in reply within 1 working day, and optimize the complaint handling process, improve the customers satisfaction.